Sunday, January 30, 2011

Words + Cloud

From the dusty recesses of my memory, I managed to scrape away some cobwebs and pull a pretty cool website. I think word clouds are pretty cool and on this website you can pretty much enter any information, pick a shape, adjust your font/colors, and boom - cloud.

For my personal enjoyment, I selected my blog to be made into a wondrous cloud of superfluous lexicon. Then I picked a shape... a cloud. And here it was.

Now, I know you are thinking... holy cow, this is awesome. Where can I get such an incredible picture displaying any word I can imagine??

Well, I won't hold out on you....

go here -->

So go forth and create word clouds with my blessing. In fact, if you make one, show me!! :)



  1. I've done these before using a website called Wordle. I turned the essays about our girl's names into a cool graphic. I'll have to try your site out too!

    Mary's Name Revisted
    Charlotte's Name Revisted

  2. yeah, I like wordle a lot, but they make it too complicated to save and share. :)

  3. That and the resolution is too low to do anything with! I've always wanted to turn the Wordle's into prints for the girl's rooms but i couldn't with them. I think I'll be able to with the site you shared.

  4. I know! I'm glad to help with your prints! I was excited when I saw you could save it in several different resolutions. Can't wait to print something of myself! :)