Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So, since I am so far behind in posting about 2010, I will just do a quick photo journal to end the year, one month at a time. October was fairly busy, as you can see from previous posts, we went on vacation, Madi started preschool, and I started working. Whew, it was a life changing month.

Where shall we pick up?

Oh yes, we picked out a pumpkin for halloween (or shall I say several pumpkins):

Then we took pictures of Madi to enter her into the Gap photo contest (she didn't win). I just had to share this one:

We had a fall costume party for all of Madison's little friends. How cute are they!?

Made a culinary masterpiece (ha!) with the help of my sister:

And Josh and I dressed up for the first time ever as Jessie and Woody from Toy Story (Madi picked the costumes):

For Halloween Madi was Cinderella. She was going to be Belle, but shame on me for not looking at the costume until the day of, and it was not pretty. So, luckily we had Cinderella on hand, glass slippers and alll.

And, because of making bad choices all day, Madi wasn't allowed to go trick or treating. But, it doesn't look like she minded passing out candy to whoever came to our door.

Well, October was definitely busy, but hang on to your hats, November and December were even crazier. But hey, I wouldn't have it any other way.


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