Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quite frankly, its annoying!

What, you ask, is annoying? The fact that I so easily fall out of habits. That I get really going on something and then, in a fraction of a second, all my motivation and perseverance is derailed. It drives me nuts!

For instance, take last year, Josh and I were exercising for an hour a day six days a week consistently for almost five months... then life got a little hectic and we got off track. Do you think we picked right back up where we left off? Began immediately exercising again and regained our consistency? NO! We tried on and off to get our mojo back, but it was futile. It was gone. AND, when I first started this blog, I was doing great, not posting daily, but frequently and what happened? Life got busy and here I am not having posted in over a month and a half. For shame!

So, it really irks me that I am so easily swayed by the comings and goings of life. Sure they say it takes 12 or so times doing something to make it a habit? But what no one ever says is that it takes one time of not doing it to break that habit.

This year, I am making it a priority to stick to my stuff. If I commit myself, then by golly I am going to stick with it. So with that said, here goes to blogging in 2011 (wow, that looks weird). You might get annoyed because as a part of my blogging, I am going to catch up on the end of 2010... and it was a pretty insane end of the year. haha. Have fun!

But as a reward for sticking with me through my on again off again blogging, I will be hosting a giveaway in the very near future!!

I love you my faithful readers. Let's make this the best year yet!



  1. We'll both be playing catch up! I haven't even blogged Mary's birthday! Ack!

  2. We all do it, I've been playing catch up on my blogging this week from Ethan's birthday and Thanksgiving which were both in November...and yeah the gym, never even went in December while I ate all that yummy holiday food. Let's all just jump back on the bandwagon together! Here's to 2011.