Friday, July 22, 2011

{baby jake} The Nursery! - Part 1

I am finally starting to work on Baby Jake's nursery! 
He will be here in 11 weeks and this is the first thing I have done in preparation. :)
Here are a few photos of the empty room.  It is definitely a blank canvas.  

This week my sister has been staying with Madi and me to keep us company while Josh has been in New York on a mission trip.  She graciously agreed to help me get started painting. Despite the loathing I feel towards painting, it actually wasn't awful.  

I was a little nervous about the color, but after seeing all four walls painted, I love it! 
It doesn't make the room feel tight and small like I thought it would.  

** As a little side note, we did have a mishap with the paint.  Coming down off the latter I stepped in the paint tray and then, trying to get out, I stepped on the carpet with a paint covered foot.  So, prior to the above photo I was sitting on the carpet sobbing for having ruined baby Jake's nursery [gotta love pregnancy hormones].  Lauren took over and started wetting down the carpet and soaking up the paint.  It actually all came out and there is barely a dull gray tinge.  Thank goodness, the nursery isn't completely ruined.  And I owe it to my sister for actually fixing the problem while all I could do was cry.  Haha.  

So, here is the final look at the paint - I love it!

The color turned out so beautiful and I can't wait to continue on the journey to turn the nursery into this....

But, let me assure you, I cannot afford all of the wonderful accessories in this picture.  That chair alone is almost $1200! So, if you feel like looking around at this nursery, let me know (comment!) if you have any ideas or sources to find similar items at a much lower price. :) 

much love, 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Back!

Well, after two weeks of vacation, I am glad to be home again.  Except for the full suitcase of laundry that is still staring at me in the face.  I hope you have been enjoying your summer.  We enjoyed a few days at the beach with family and then joined the students at camp in Miami for the following week.  Sure, we came home exhausted but seeing our high school students minister to kids was well worth it.  

Now, just to prepare you, before I left I downloaded 1400 pics off my camera and managed to take a couple hundred more on vacation.  Don't worry too much - I will not be uploading all of them... but be prepared to see some soon! 

And, if you hear the sound of someone hyperventilating, its probably me thinking about all I need to do to get ready for the baby coming in oh, 12 weeks!! Seeing as how I have done absolutely nothing still... well... thus the quick, unsteady breaths.  

Can't wait to share some posts with you this week!

Much love,