Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I've Learned About Picking a Name...

Have you heard yet? IT'S A BOY!!

I was definitely shocked to hear those words in the ultrasound room. Not that I wasn't half expecting it, I just can't believe that we are actually having a boy. It is definitely going to make our life more interesting having another male in the house. :)

So, needless to say, since its a boy, Josh and I cannot agree on a name. And its not like an aww-but-I-like-this-name cute little disagreement. Its an all out standoff between him and I. As in, I don't even want to talk about names because I am so tired of going back and forth. We might need counseling.

I will have to let you know how this resolves. :D

Anyway, there are a few things I have learned about picking names after reading my baby name book and then talking to my spouse and I thought you might like to know. (Just as a disclaimer, I am joking around below. My husband thought I was being serious, so I figured I might need to let you know.)

1. You and your husband might never agree. It's true. You might have to call your child two different names. Just prepare yourself.

2. The name must be something your child will be able to write in kindergarten. I mean really, why does anyone need a name with 13 letters?

3. If people look at the name and can't pronounce it, even after you have told them how to say it, beware. Can you get a complex from people never calling you the right name?

4. Just because a name is in the Bible, doesn't mean its a good name for your child. I don't think anyone wants to grow up with the name Goliath. Wouldn't he have an unhealthy fear of anyone named David?

5. Just because a name is in the baby name book doesn't make it ok. Really, you should stay away from Hitler.

6. It is not trendy to give your boy a girl name (like Amy) or give your girl a boy name (like Eric). Who wrote these baby name books anyway?

7. A letter cannot be a first name. "J", "L", and "P" are not names. (See number 6b)

8. Jesus, the Hebrew name Mary gave her son, is taken. It really shouldn't be in the name books anymore.

9. Any name that sounds like, looks like, or rhymes with a body part is not a good idea.

And those are just a few of my thoughts. I am sure I will think of many more in the near future.

Hope I made you at least crack a smile. :)
much love,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(in)spired deals giveaway winner!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

(in)spired deals review and giveaway!

There are a lot of things my house "says" to me when walk in the door. A lot of the things I really don't want to hear.
For instance:

"Hey, you didn't put up the laundry"
"Look, the sink is filled with dishes"
"Wow, Madi left her toys out again"

But that's ok. I have realized my house is never going to be perfectly spotless and there will always be laundry waiting for me. And I am ok with the toys everywhere because before I know it, my children will be too old for them.

So I choose to overlook the things my house says that I don't want to hear. Because when I walk into my home, I see love, fun, laughter, joy, and most of all, evidence that Jesus Christ is at the heart of our home. I love putting little touches of Jesus throughout each room, and when I saw this wall art on one of my favorite blogs a while ago, it went on my wish list immediately.

Look how beautiful this wall art from Urban Soul is -

*image courtesy of Dayspring

It looks black in the picture but when you look up close at the finish it has bronzy texture across it. The art can either stand alone or be hung on the wall. It's so awesome! I cannot wait to find the perfect place to put it and the perfect family picture to fill the frame. To see the rest of the Urban Soul collection go here. There are a few more that I want. (hint hint) :)

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

{the baby} 17 weeks!

Only 159 more days!
23 more weeks!

And that's all I'm figuring out. haha.

I am feeling pretty good about now. I have to keep hydrated... do NOT want a repeat of my almost-passing-out-because-I-forgot-to-drink-water-that-day episode. It doesn't help that it's already 90 degrees in Florida. Come on... IT'S ONLY MAY!!

Anyway, I am no longer able to button regular pants, so I am wearing those lovely maternity ones. Which, they are comfortable, but already drive me crazy because they keep falling down! If you see me tugging at my waistband, I apologize, I am just trying to prevent a worse mishap.

I am just starting to feel baby move, which is awesome. There is nothing quite like the little flutters of a tiny baby. Of course, then I start really thinking about it and it kinda weirds me out that there is a very small human inside of me. But then I think some more and remember, duh, its a miracle!

We don't know whether baby is a boy or girl yet, so the feud continues for another week and a half. Someone in our house is going to be sorely disappointed. We will find out the 26th if its the 3 year old (girl) or her daddy (boy). And no, Josh and I still cannot agree on a name. I do know what it is NOT going to be though. :D

Well, next time I post about the baby, I will be telling you what kind of clothes to start buying!

much love,