Sunday, May 15, 2011

{the baby} 17 weeks!

Only 159 more days!
23 more weeks!

And that's all I'm figuring out. haha.

I am feeling pretty good about now. I have to keep hydrated... do NOT want a repeat of my almost-passing-out-because-I-forgot-to-drink-water-that-day episode. It doesn't help that it's already 90 degrees in Florida. Come on... IT'S ONLY MAY!!

Anyway, I am no longer able to button regular pants, so I am wearing those lovely maternity ones. Which, they are comfortable, but already drive me crazy because they keep falling down! If you see me tugging at my waistband, I apologize, I am just trying to prevent a worse mishap.

I am just starting to feel baby move, which is awesome. There is nothing quite like the little flutters of a tiny baby. Of course, then I start really thinking about it and it kinda weirds me out that there is a very small human inside of me. But then I think some more and remember, duh, its a miracle!

We don't know whether baby is a boy or girl yet, so the feud continues for another week and a half. Someone in our house is going to be sorely disappointed. We will find out the 26th if its the 3 year old (girl) or her daddy (boy). And no, Josh and I still cannot agree on a name. I do know what it is NOT going to be though. :D

Well, next time I post about the baby, I will be telling you what kind of clothes to start buying!

much love,

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  1. I don't remember Madi's birthday... but the best way I know to get through a pregnancy in the summer is by wearing skirts or dresses. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, it's easy to whip up a few in no time at all!

    Oh, and I missed your blog redesign some how... it looks very JDC!