Thursday, April 28, 2011

There is no bug I love.

So, every year hereabout this time come the love bugs. I don't know why they were named that... because no one loves them. Especially me. (I know that they are called love bugs because they are stuck together and "love" each other. That is beside the point.)

But anyway... the way they have swarmed our house and yard is just ridiculous... and quite bizarre. Take a look at some of these pictures. And if you don't live in Florida, be glad that these creatures don't live near you. At least, they don't bite. They will just crawl on you to death.

This is the corner of our house. You're going to have to click on the picture to blow it up a little. See all those black dots? Yeah, each one of those is a love bug.

This is our back fence. (Pretend the gate didn't get blown down by recent wind storms and is still beautifully attached in its proper place) Go ahead, click on the picture. See those black spots again... yep. You guessed it. More bugs.

I could keep posting more pictures of our poor house covered by these flying, crawling creatures. Heaven forbid you accidentally leave your screen door cracked just the tiniest bit and wind up with 1,367 lovebugs flying around your back porch. Or you drive down the road and it sounds like its raining because so many bugs are splatting on your bumper and windshield. Or you see them in your house and its no big deal because its just going to happen.

How many more weeks until lovebug season is over? I am counting the days.

Well, I am sure you have a lot more pressing things to do than worry about my surmounting bug issues. But, if any of your kids would like to come play catch the lovebugs with Madi and her butterfly net, just let me know!

Much Love,

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