Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Planting Our Garden

Ok, so better late than never right?

We planted our spring garden about a week and a half ago and it is going strong. Madi had a great time actually getting to help this year. She was very diligent in helping me pull weeds and rake the soil. Then she helped me plant a few seeds before getting bored and doing this:

That was a great investment. :)

So, in our garden this year we have

Herbs (the parsley isn't looking too hot...)

Green Beans:

These are our butterfly flowers we planted last year... (of course right now, the love bugs are loving that milkweed plant... not sure what that's about):

Then we planted corn:


and Peas!

Madi is very excited about the garden. (Ok, so I might be a teensy bit excited myself!) We have two rows of corn and three rows of green beans that have already sprouted. I will get some pictures for you soon so you can see progress. Its pretty exciting.

Hope you are having a lovely wednesday! :)


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