Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

I haven't really had anything to post lately, so I thought I would share some random thoughts from the last few days. :)

1) I am almost to my second trimester!! Whoo hoo!

2) Madi is has a new slip 'n slide. Im afraid to see our water bill this month.

3) My short-term memory is suffering right now... pregnancy brain is real right? If not, then there is a big problem going on in my synapses.

4) If you have been following my struggle with worry and trusting God, I am happy to inform you that there is a huge difference lately. My faith is stretching and growing right along with my belly. :)

5) I cannot keep up with laundry around this place. Who keeps putting dirty clothes in the basket after I wash them?? Come on people!

6) I am behind in planting my garden. Oops. But its not my fault that I haven't been able to do much lately... maybe now that most of my food stays in my belly, I'll be able to catch up on everything.

7) I told you this was random.

Have a lovely hump day!

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