Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If you love to cook (or maybe do it begrudgingly)....

and want to stay healthy, help me out!!

I would like to start a recipe swap for busy families to find easy, healthy, and delicious recipes.

If you are interested I'd love your help. Every Thursday I will post a healthy recipe that my family eats and I would love for you to post a recipe from your home cook book. Now, you might ask, what do I mean by healthy? Recipes with under 500 calories that might include a reasonable portion of protein, some fruits or vegetables, and maybe some type of whole grain. The most important quality is that it be under 500 calories.

Then once you have posted your recipe in the "comments" section on Thursday, I will compile them and they will be a resource for you to find on my blog when you are in a pinch or just looking for a healthy treat.

I am really excited about this. I get tired of eating baked chicken and steamed vegetables every night. :)

Can't wait for your input! Let me know what you think,


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