Monday, August 9, 2010

A New Favorite Website

So apparently, I took a blogging sabbatical in July. It was a very busy month for our family, and I guess I never made it to the computer. (Facebook doesn't count. :) )

Now that I am back, I want to tell you about a new favorite website of mine. I found it a few weeks back, and received my first order a couple of weeks ago. It is There slogan is "everyone needs an alice." And I think I agree.

Their website sells common household items from toilet paper, shampoo, ziploc bags to dish soap at prices that are comparable to that of Target. Now, they do not accept manufacturer's coupons from we the buyer, but they do get coupons from the manufacturers and apply them directly to the products on their site.

When you initially set up your alice account, you go through their products and select the things you use most often. This is a screenshot of my "product shelf."

When you are adding products, you also specify approximately how frequently you use said object, and after you purchase them, it will remind you if you should be getting low on something, like toilet paper. It would be nice to not forget to stock up.

One of the biggest reasons I love is their huge selection of green/organic products. They have a great selection of eco-friendly products and at great prices. My new favorite line is from a company called Eco Clean. Not only are their products free of harmful chemicals and their packaging completely recyclable, but their designs are absolutely beautiful!

I recently purchased their dish soap and kitchen counter spray and fell in love with the design. The scents are fresh and not overpowering and they clean as well as any other product I have used.

When my first order arrived I was very excited. I didn't know what to expect, but this beautiful box sitting on my doorstep wasn't it. They do a great job of marketing and packaging. And its always fun to get what you need without having to load up the car, the kids, and schlep to the store. My order consisted of: the Eco Clean products, shaving cream, ziplocs, cling wrap, wipes, envelopes, and gum.

So go, visit alice, and take the 30+ minutes you saved going to the store and give yourself a pedicure.

(The views expressed above are entirely my own and in no way endorsed by or Eco Clean. Thanks.)

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