Thursday, August 26, 2010

Madi helps wash the car.

So, because I prefer to keep my outdoor chores to a minimum (yeah, that must be why I planted a garden this year), I ALWAYS take my van to the car wash when it needs a good scrub. In fact, for all the cars I have owned over the last 10 years, I can probably count on two hands the number of times that I have actually washed it myself. It helps that there is a mom special at the local car wash and they will was it for $3 on Wednesdays.

Needless to say, Madi has never washed the car before. This past weekend Josh decided he wanted to wash it, in between all the rain clouds, and he volunteered to have Madi help! Of course I didn't say no. When daddy offers to help on his own with no prompting, you NEVER say no. But of course, since this was her first time helping, I had to go out with the camera. I couldn't spend those precious minutes by myself.

The fruit of her labor resulting in a soapy mommy (thankfully not camera), soaked daddy, and a Madi both soaked and soapy. But a fun and memorable time was had by all.

Its very exciting to throw the sponge in the bucket to create a bubble volcano.

She was having a great time, but refused to look at the camera when smiling. I don't know where that stubborness comes from.

She was doing a pretty good job too, but really just wanted to wash in one spot the whole time.

Showing me all her bubbles.

I love this kid.

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