Thursday, August 26, 2010

Madi and Cinderella - Then and Now

We have been blessed to have season passes to Disney World for the last year, but unfortunately they end tomorrow. I am sad to see them go, but I won't be any worse for the wear. However, it will be pretty difficult to explain to Madi why we can't just pop on over to Disney whenever we want anymore. She doesn't quite understand its a theme park, she kind of thinks its her second home. In fact, she refers to the castle as "hers" and the princesses as "her friends." I thought it would be fun to compare the times we first started coming to Disney to now, a year later.

Not only is Madi a whole year older, but she is almost an entirely different person. This is last November:

Character greeting was pretty interesting. She would beg and beg to go meet the characters and be laughing and jumping up and down and smiling while waiting in line, then, the second she stood next to the character it was a serious face. She wouldn't crack a smile for anything and was very serious. It was like a switch was flipped. Then, after we were done taking pictures with the characters, she would laugh and talk about it like it was the highlight of her day. Completely hilarious.

NOW - my little bundle of energy can't wait to meet the characters, but instead of becoming a silent fan, she practically mobs these characters. She gets a running start and then almost jumps into their arms. When you ask her what she is doing she says, "Im with my friend, Cinderella." (or insert appropriate character name) Its adorable.

My little baby is turning into a rambunctious, yet adorable preschooler and I just can't believe it. Our journey through the past year can be bookmarked with our photos and memories of Disney and it has really been a special time. Children really do grow up so quickly and its so easy to take for granted the time that we have with them. So, I try to not let the little things bug me and get so aggravated when she is acting like the little girl she is - when she won't fall asleep for her nap or spills her cereal all over the dining room - because I know that before I know it she will be in school and then grown up before my very eyes.

And I really don't want to miss a moment.

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