Monday, August 23, 2010

Exercise - a little rant.

So, I just needed to have a moment to vent my frustration. Exercise. The very word makes me frown.

You have to do it to stay healthy, but the very thought of it makes me want to get in my jammies, flip on a movie, and be lazy. I just don't understand this lack of motivation. You'd think the fact that I have lost 30 pounds and feel great when I eat healthy would make me stay motivated, but it doesn't! In fact, its all I can do to make myself get through a workout. And sure, I feel proud of myself that I did it, but its not some joyous exultation of satisfaction and rampant happiness. Its more of a "thank goodness that is over" kind of happy. When I hear people talk about how much they love exercise and how it gives them such a rush and how its the best part of their day and how they can run miles and miles and it is just all rainbows and gumdrops... it just makes me kind of want to smack them. Ok, there. I said it. (If you are one of those people, I promise I won't smack you. My deep rooted resentment probably stems from a deep seated jealousy of your fitness. Yes, thats it.)

Besides, if you think about everything that encompasses a mom's day... there is a lot of exercise.

-you lift your children... for me, that is like 30 pounds... thats a pretty good weight lift. :)
-you wash dishes and put them away... thats walking and bending
-you vacuum... thats definitely a core workout
-you do laundry and put it away... thats like bicep curls, forearm work, and more walking
-you play endlessly in all positions... thats ab workouts, leg lifts, more arm workouts and LOTS of running
-you try tirelessly to get your children to nap... that is continuous up and down movement, work those glutes!

Whew... that is just the beginning and I'm tired just thinking about it. So anyway, its no wonder I hate additional, necessary exercise! My day is exhausting on its own!

So lets raise those water bottles... grab some carrots... and take a rest on the couch. We deserve it!

And, just to make this even better... I have a yummy recipe to post later! :) So, save up those calories you burned in your last workout, your gonna need 'em.

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