Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cranor's Crib: Partaaaayyy!

So, about 3 or so years ago (who can keep track, I've been around so long...lol) Josh and I started have students over to our house (when we lived on Eastway) and feeding and entertaining them on a weekly basis. We had a blast, they had a blast, and it became legendary around the world... ok, just around FBC, but still.

AND, now that we have a new home, it is beginning again. Like a rebirth, a phoenix rising out of the ashes (or however that goes) come the reawakening of Cranor's Crib. I am so excited I just can't stand it. In fact, I have already started baking today. If you previously attended any CC before, you know there are always lots of chocolate chip cookies. But anyway, I am so excited to be able to open up our home again to students. Josh and I have truly missed spending time with you outside the four walls of the church. There is just something about a bunch of teenagers lounging around your house that makes it home. :) And I promise, if we watch Signs, I won't wait until the scary parts and bang on the windows.

And so, if you happen to be part of our delightful student ministry - or just wish you were- please make a point of being at our brand, spanking new house tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Email me for directions (b.cranor@gmail.com) or get them at church.

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