Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{baby jake} 38 Weeks!!

Well,  it's finally time! In 3 days, baby Jake will be here! I still don't know what time yet, but I will find out Thursday... its funny that I won't know the time until the day before.  Lol.

I have been having some really random thoughts lately and I'm trying to reign them in, but ya know, last month hormones are a little crazy. Enjoy -  

-My dreams lately have been terrible, when I can sleep, but what can I do? I only have about 3 shirts that still fit. I toss and turn all night long so I end up not having covers or taking them all from Josh... haha... but its ok, because I am going to have a baby in 3 days!

-I go between being calm and being anxious with thoughts of the surgery Friday, so I could definitely use prayers on that front, but I know that God in in control and everything will go according to His plan.  And, I am in such capable hands.  My doctor is a Christian, so I know that the entire procedure will be bathed in prayer.  And my closest friend in the world (also a mother/baby nurse) will be right there with us just to keep her eye on things. :)

-We finally have a full name for the Baby Jake... barring any mind changes (again) between now Friday... and we love it because his initials will be the same as Josh's... J T C. :)

-I cried at the most ridiculous movie this weekend.  Real Steal.  Who cries at a movie called Real Steal? Me apparently.  Well, pregnant me. But there was a really touching scene between a father and son, and you know... it needed some tears.  

-The nursery is almost finished.  Minus about 3 things. (whoo hoo!) I am ever so grateful to my family and friends who have helped clean, helped sew, and helped me become addicted to my sewing machine. :)

-I cleaned out the car and got it all beautiful only for Madi to dump about 30 books all over the back seat again.  But, better books than cheerios and milk.  

-I am trying to rest this week, but its hard! I have so much to do! In fact, I am missing my MOPS friends at this very moment in hopes that I can rest and get a few little things done.

Well, I am sure you are bored with my ramblings, so thank you for reading! I can't wait to share pictures of my beautiful baby boy.  And, before then, I will update you on the nursery status.  

much love,

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  1. I am so excited :-) Don't worry yesterday I cried over a commercial of a little boy playing with his toy truck and then getting excited when his daddy drove up in the real version. Jared made fun of me haha. I am praying for your surgery and you know that if you need any help once you get home I will be happy to be there for you :-) Let me know the time of the surgery once you know so I can be praying. We will come to the hospital on Saturday but we will text Josh first to make sure it's ok! Also, you know I'm trying to guess the name like crazy lol please tell me! LoL Love you friend!