Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{baby jake} The Nursery - Part 3!

Ok, so since the last post, I have added a few more things... mainly all the stuff that needed sewn.  I am still on the hunt for a small, dark wooded table to use as a side table, so if you see one for cheap (or free!) let me know. :) And I need to find a lamp for those late night feedings.  But, I am so pleased with how the rest is coming along!

I am very proud of myself for my newly acquired sewing "skills". I use the term skills very, very loosely.  My friend Steph came over and helped me figure out how to get the bobbin right and thread the machine... try not to laugh too hard at me.  And once she got me set up on that, I was on a roll! I made a nursing cover (which I need to take a picture of and post!) and my most adventurous project was slipcovering the old glider chair.  Remember what it looked like? See it here.  And look at it now! A vast improvement.  And if you don't look to closely at the slightly uneven seams, it looks great! And the color looks very close to the inspiration photo.      

This side of the room as a whole is looking pretty good.  The crib bedding is in and though the sheet isn't exactly the right color, it still looks good. I haven't had a chance to sew one in the right fabric. :) My Grannie Verne sewed the bumper pad and the crib skirt and they turned out great!

See... I told you this side is looking a lot better.

The white trees are coming for the wall behind the crib, I just haven't ordered them yet because we haven't had a chance to put them up.  And, its not exactly pertinent to Jake's care. 

I do have the pieces to make the mobile, I just keep forgetting about it.  If I can summon the energy tomorrow, I will make it and then have Josh hang it up!

Madi wanted a picture by the bed, so of course you know I have to include her cute self. She is thrilled to be a big sister on Friday!  Please note the new pumpkin earrings.  Its the first time they've been changed out since the initial piercing a couple of months ago and she is so excited.  I do make her put the gold studs back in each night though.

Well, I might post about Madi and my special lunch tomorrow, but if not, the next time I do will be after baby! I can't believe Jake will be here in less than 36 hours.  We can't wait!

much love,

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