Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why I Am Having A C-Section....

Now, this might be too much for some people to read, and that is ok.  
If you don't like medical stuff, then you probably don't want to read it.   

However, many people have been asking, so I wanted to clarify why I am having a c-section with Jake. :)

Madi was delivered naturally (even without pain meds!) but, during my pregnancy, the doctors discovered a fibroid tumor on my uterus that grew increasingly larger as I progressed.  By the end of the pregnancy it was bigger than Madi's head.  Because the pregnancy hormones caused it to enlarge, we were hoping that once Madi was born, it would shrink down again.  When I went back for a check up a couple of months after Madi's birth, the doctor did a check and the tumor had not shrank any, in fact, he thought at first that I might have been pregnant... not what you want to hear when you just delivered a baby two months ago... haha.  

So, because the tumor was so large and could cause further medical issues, especially if I were to get pregnant again, it had to be surgically removed.  The surgery, whoo hoo, ended up being like a c-section. Instead of having two horizontal scars (one outside and one inside), like you would with a real c-section, I have a horizontal scar outside and a vertical scar inside.  Because of the vertical scar inside, the likelihood of a uterine rupture at the scar site during labor is increased to a 10-12% chance and that is just not worth the cost.  

Thus, we are having a c-section on October 14th.  Its kind of nice to be able to know when the baby is coming.  I can make sure everything is ready and we can plan our schedule a little bit.  I am a nervous about another surgery, but I know that God is looking out for the both of us and keeps us safe in His arms.  

Your prayers for a safe delivery will be greatly appreciated! 
Oh, and there have been no tumors with this baby, yay!

much love, 

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