Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our New Adventure/My New Job

We have been praying for weeks for God to provide a way for us to make some extra income to alleviate some of our financial needs, and he opened the door in a unique way.  He introduced us to a new friend and she in turn introduced us to Body By Vi.  If you have heard of it before, you don't have to keep reading, but if not, I'd like to share a little bit about it.  I promise I am not going to start filling my blog with it, but I would like to share one time. 

(PS - If you do stop reading now, please at least pray for us as we start this journey...
 but I would like for you to keep reading!! :) )

Body By Vi shakes are not only great for weight loss, they are also great just to keep you healthy.  Madi loves having one for breakfast, and I, even being pregnant, enjoy one for breakfast also.  They have the nutritional equivalent of a meal with 8500 calories and over $100 worth of food all packed in to one delicious shake with less than 250 calories.  Josh has been drinking the shakes for over a week now (consistently) and has lost over 5 pounds.  The shakes are so easy to drink because there are so many different recipes; you never get tired of them! In fact, there are over 400 recipes already and even more being added daily.

If you are curious as to how they taste and live in our area, I would love for you to come by our house for our introductory shake party on Saturday August 20th at 2pm (let me know if you are coming!) or just email me/comment and I can mail you a sample packet that includes a sample of the shake mix and a couple other goodies. :)  

Body By Vi has done a lot to make the shakes affordable.  For every three people you get started on the BBV shakes, you get yours free! And, the shakes are affordable on their own.  
Right now, the company is doing what they call the "90 day challenge" which gives you a discount on the products. And enters you to win great prizes from Visalus.   
- If you are interested in weight loss, you would replace two meals a day with shakes.  That package is $99 a month - which averages $1.50 a meal! (a huge savings on groceries)
- If you are interested in just maintaining nutrition or maintaining your weight, you would replace just one meal a day.  That package is $49 a month.
- If you are interested in adding nutritional vitamins and supplements to maximize your weight loss, those packages range from $150 to $250 a month.

There are thousands of success stories I can share with you, but its always more effective for me to see it.  I encourage you to check out my website:  You won't believe those before and afters, plus,  there is a TON of information on there.  

And if you are ready to join the challenge, get to that website! 

much love and thanks for reading,

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