Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things

Our summer has been anything but boring, in fact, we have never been gone/traveled as much as we have this summer!

However, life is about to get even more crazy and hectic.  
Josh is starting his second master's degree (yes, he is crazy) on Monday.  So, because he is driving to Tampa for school 3 times a week, he will be gone all day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (because of church), and then Friday mornings - and throw in the normal work hours Thursday and Sunday.  It is going to be tough to be a single mom those days.  Not to mention, a newborn baby boy is arriving in the middle of October, so that will add a nice little bit of extra chaos to the mix.  

I would definitely appreciate any prayers you can throw our way.  Mainly for sanity and that we will still be able to spend quality family time together in between church, homeschooling, daddy's school and homework, MOPS stuff, a new baby, and everything else that's contained in a day.  

How do you balance life's craziness? Let's pray for each other!  

much love,

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