Monday, April 23, 2012

Redeemed {Review and Giveaway} ((closed))

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Redeem.  To pay off, buy back, recover.  

All of those, and more, describe what Jesus did for us.  He paid the price for our sin.  He LOVED us so much that we were worth dying for.  He redeemed us from our sin.  He paid the price for our eternity.  

We are beautifulvaluable, loved, treasured.

I am so thankful to be reminded of how important I am to my Savior.  

I was contacted by Dayspring to do a review of their new Redeemed Makeup Bag and Wallet.  
They are awesome! Not only are the patterns beautiful, they are embroidered with scripture.  
The makeup bag has inscribed "truly beautiful Ecc. 3:11" and the walled has "truly treasured Rom. 8 28".  

They are both made from glossed canvas and oil cloth. 
Take a look. 

The makeup bag is roomy and can be used as a clutch also.  Or, if you are a mom, a nice little take along wipe and diaper case.  :)  

The wallet has a snap enclosure and an adorable chevron pattern across the front.  It has just enough room for some, important cards, and if you are lucky enough to have some, cash and change! :)

Don't you want one? You'd like the chance to win the Redeemed wallet? 
Well, enter here! (winner must cover shipping costs)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was given the products by Dayspring to review for free and all opinions are my own.  


  1. So how do you get into this? I know Melissa Swain has given away a few things on her blog as well...guess my blog isn't interesting enough! LOL. no seriously let me know how you got into this. very cool!

    1. A friend told me about the dayspring offers, you can go to their website to apply to be chosen. The site is:


  2. Super cute! Thanks for hosting a giveaway! Because of the adoption, we are on a spending freeze to save every penny for it. Winning this would add a little spice to my wardrobe.