Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Accidental Butterfly Garden

Last year, we planted a few butterfly plants in our raised bed in the back yard. 
 Among those we planted was a milkweed bush. 
 Towards the end of summer the seed pods burst open. 
We had fun blowing the seeds all around the yard and watching the wind carry them everywhere.
 I knew that they wouldn't sprout in the yard because Josh mowed regularly (haha.) 
 In our back yard, there is a small section that sits between the fence and the house, and apparently, doesn't get mowed.
Imagine our surprise when we happened to glance around the corner and found this.

The milkweed seeds had gotten trapped in this corner and 
this year sprouted into a bountiful butterfly garden!
I guess I should be glad my hubby wasn't mowing back here?

Its been fun every morning coming out to hunt for caterpillars.  
There are tons of Monarch caterpillars munching leaves everywhere. 
We get to see them eat, grow, build their chrysalises, and then hatch and test out their new wings! 

Its been quite the educational experience for Madi.  Homeschooling at its finest! :)

The very hungry caterpillar.

Searching for a good chrysalis making spot.

When they make a "j" and start getting darker, you know they are making their chrysalis.

Chrysalis almost ready to hatch!

It's empty!

I couldn't catch a picture of the new butterfly.  It was very skittish and as soon as it saw me flew clumsily away.  

Isn't this cool though? 

If you'd like to come visit, just let me know! :) 

much love,

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