Monday, June 27, 2011

{baby boy} 23 Weeks

So this pregnancy is flying by.  Josh seems to think it is going slowly, but in just 4 weeks, I am starting the every other week appointments.  If you have been pregnant before, you know that means you are getting close to the end! And I am not ready.  Nope, not at all.  I have only gotten as far as almost completely emptying the soon-to-be nursery.  

 I am definitely showing.  As my husband so kindly put it to me yesterday, "you sure do look a lot bigger with this baby."  (thanks love, thats exactly what I want to hear.) 

And little man is kicking and dancing up a storm.  I am pretty sure he has hardly stopped moving the last two days.  But its fun and I am so blessed,  I don't mind.  :O)

I am no longer feeling the morning sickness so that is a huge blessing, but I am exhausted all the time.  I have yet to get the second trimester burst of energy, and instead crawl into bed every night completely spent.  I cleaned house the other day and it took me almost 2 days to recover.  haha.  And the weather, which has actually been kind of nice the past couple of days, has been pushing 100 degrees almost every afternoon and that makes me even more tired- especially when Madi loves to play outside all the time and my backyard has zero shade.  She has been sweet and let me borrow her cupcake umbrella to keep "cool". :)

Josh and I still haven't decided on a name.  We are getting closer, but its only because I think he has given up.  That isn't nearly as fun, I want him to have some input too.  So, alas, we press on.  

I can't wait to meet this little boy though! 

Until next time, 
much love,

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  1. You married such a sensitive man! lol Yay for getting closer! I can't wait!! I'm not going to know what to do with a boy...I don't think he'll appreciate me buying cute little outfits and shoes...