Monday, October 25, 2010

A Glimpse of Vacation

Now that its been forever since I've posted, I am going to be catching up... so watch out! I will try not to post too many at a time, but posts will be pouring out like rain... ok, maybe not that frequently, but they are coming.

I will start with a few glimpses from our vacation. We took a lovely trip to the North Georgia mountains and ended up at St Pete Beach. It was awesome - the best of both worlds. No, I will not break out in the Hannah Montana song... but I'll bet its stuck in your head now. :)

Anyway... let the photo journal begin...

This is the husband and little girl. I need to preface this photo by saying the husband its mildly (ok, compulsively) obsessed with deer. When we lived in GA a few years ago, we would feed the deer all the time and usually had about 5-6 that ate regularly in our backyard. So, while we were here, he wanted Madi to see the deer eating in their "spot" and he bought just about every thing you could possibly find to encourage them to feed. It was like the ultimate deer buffet. Corn, apples, syrups, salt licks, and many other things were bountiful. Let me end by saying not one single deer came and ate during the daylight for Madi could see. She did not see any deer by the cabin. Luckily, while driving down the many rural roads, we saw some in the grass beside the road. (ALIVE, people!) Needless to say, the husband was incredibly disappointed.

The next day, we went to the brand new Babyland (Cabbage Patch Hospital). And Madi had a blast. The new facility is beautiful and of course, we didn't walk away empty handed. Madi got to watch a doll be "born," got to give it a first name (of course she picked Madison), and then thanks to a very generous Peepaw, got to take her baby home. A good time was had by all.

There is more to this vacation, but I will save it for tomorrow.

A preview you ask?

Picking apples, Madi milking a cow, apple pie, and views of white sandy beaches...

Stay tuned!

Much love,

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