Thursday, February 16, 2012

Purity - Fighting for Our Children

If there was ever a topic that is near and dear to my heart, it's purity.  
My husband, Josh, and I dated for over 6 years and we were able to exchange vows to one another on our wedding day knowing that we kept our hearts and bodies pure for one another.  

This world is trying to steal the purity of our children.  It doesn't just start once they become teenagers.  We have to begin praying, teaching, and guiding our kids from preschool age.  We have to fight for our children.  We cannot just sit back and let the world decide what they learn and know.  The media, even some "children's" programming, is saturated with sexuality.  It teaches our young ladies that is ok to show off parts of their bodies and boys and girls that there is nothing wrong with exploring sexuality before marriage. Satan will use whatever means necessary to steal a generation from knowing and loving marriage the way God intended.  

Seeds Family worship has long been a favorite in our house. It is plain and simple.  Scripture set to music.  Word for word, without extra fluff.  
Its great, not like those annoying children's songs that make you want to pull your hair out.  Instead, I enjoy listening to it right along with my children.  

Seed has just come out with a Purity album.  {{Big Smile}}

I have only listened to one song, but its fantastic! 
They are marketing it to youth aged children, but there is no reason preschoolers cannot begin to hide these words of purity in their hearts.

The entire album is just $9.99 and you can purchase it here:  

If you would like to receive a free download of the song "Your Word" and a free devotional download, 
you can take the Parent's Purity Pledge here:

Teaching purity won't be taught in schools and it isn't the sole responsibility of the church, 
it begins in our homes.  Pledge to begin instructing your children in purity.  
Teach them that real love and lasting relationships don't come from anyone else but Jesus.  

much love,


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