Sunday, November 14, 2010

Did someone say Apple Pie?

Like I shared in the previous post, I made a delicious apple pie with the apples we picked from the orchard.

After peeling, slicing, and coring 14 apples... which was simple thanks to my new toy, I made this delicious pie. Doesn't it look amazing? (Its a little darker than I would have liked, I almost forgot about it in the oven...)

After slicing a piece, you can see how tall this pie is. Fourteen apples goes a long way. :)

Apple pie is so delicious. This pie has such a delicious crust and a sweet, warm middle. MMmmmm. If you need a good apple pie recipe, then this is it! Thank you Martha Stewart for sharing this one so long ago, click here...Mile High Apple Pie. :)

And after post-dessert overindulgence, Madi enjoyed some quiet reading time with her PeePaw and Grannie Verne.

It was a sweet way to end our time in Georgia... in more ways than one.

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